New eBook for children: A Wonderful Day To Smile And To Dare

Children's book: A wonderful Day toSsmile and To DareIBD AWARD WINNING CHILDREN'S BOOK

*** IBD Award Winner in Children’s Books Category, April 4, 2014 ***

A picture book for children aged 3-8, empowering and helping kids learn how to deal with fear and difficulties using humor and courage.

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There are monsters hiding in the room, lurking and waiting in the shadows. One wonderful day, the little girl who lives in this room decides to beat the monsters and clean them out. 

Will she find the courage to face these scary monsters? 

How will she defeat them? 

Will she succeed? 

The rhymes and funny illustrations in this story are right up the alley of Dr. Seuss lovers, inspiring kids to face their fears and difficulties with courage and humor, instead of feeling powerless to resolve them.

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Excellent reviews for story and message:

–“Teaching abundant thinking for kids as a key for their happiness!” —

— “Conquering childhood fears and demons” —

— “Wonderful imagery and a great message” —

Would you like to overcome fears and doubts in a fun way?

Despite our aspirations as parents to provide a happy childhood for our kids, children have it tough sometimes. They experience fears and difficulties that take a toll on their happiness. Our job as parents is to help them learn the necessary skills to overcome their fears and difficulties successfully.

FREE GIFT with this book“Draw Me A Monster” process – a fun and playful way to help your child overcome fears and doubts by using a little bit of courage and a lot of humor…

Reviews for this book:

Wonderful feedback from Amyra Henry, a teacher who used my book to help autistic children deal with their fears.

By Barbara Ann Mojica, Amazon review 

Most young children have a fear of the unknown. I like this superhero approach and the fact that the protagonist is a brave female superhero. This book and the author’s program should be effective with preschoolers and children in the early elementary grades. Highly recommended.

By Glenda Cates, “Mommies Reviews” 

I loved how the book discusses fears in a fun and unique way. My son read the book to his dad, showing him some of the things the little girl was afraid of. This allowed the two of them to discuss the things that my son is afraid of.

It was also nice to see that the book covered the monster under the bed, it was an issue with my son in the past and the reason that he doesn’t sleep in his own room currently. However, since we read this story, he says he is willing to give it a try. I hope it works.

It was nice to see that my son didn’t struggle when he read the book as sometimes happens with other books, so I think this book will make a nice addition for my son’s teacher as well as for the school library.

In short – If you didn’t read this book yet, I hope you take the time to check it out. I will be looking forward for other books written by this author as I would like to read them as well.

By Kareen Liez, “Pink Heart Strings” 

A well-illustrated book with a wonderful fun story for children ages 3-8. There are three monsters in the story and one girl to whom my daughter referred to as “super” (it’s the cape). I read the story to her and she got excited whenever the girl dares the monsters and eventually wins. I also like the tone of the book, it is written in rhymes which capture the interest younger readers.

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