“Draw Me A Monster” Process

How I beat monsters

Overcome fears and doubts in a fun, playful way

“Draw Me A Monster” process is designed to help your children overcome fears and doubts using art and humor.

Despite our aspirations as parents to provide a happy childhood for our kids, children have it tough sometimes. They experience fears and difficulties that take a toll on their happiness. Our job as parents is to help them learn the necessary skills to overcome their fears and difficulties successfully.

Fears and doubts such as these make children choose to avoid situations that trigger these strong emotions because they feel powerless to change them:

  • Fear of scary creatures – “There’s a monster under the bed!”
  • Frustration triggered by failing – “Doesn’t matter how much I try – I just can’t do that!”
  • Despair due to low self-esteem – “I’m a loser, I’ll never be a good player”

In my efforts to find a way to help my own children face their difficulties and overcome them, I have developed a process that has proven to be effective in empowering my kids to conquer their fears and inhibiting thoughts. In fact, it has been working so well that we are using it less and less…

The concepts behind this process

The process is built on the concept of Daring with a Smile – courage and humor. Creating an association between an inhibiting thought and a funny image is a useful strategy when dealing with fears and anxieties.

When this process is practiced frequently, the inhibiting thought becomes entangled, with the funny image, creating unique neuron-net in the brain. When the troubling situation is triggered again, the funny association comes up and overrides the troubling emotion – effectively neutralizing it.

 My book “A Wonderful Day To Smile and To Dare” encapsulates the principles used in this process, providing children the opportunity to experience this process through the hero’s eyes – a girl who dares to face her monsters – with a smile…

The “Draw Me A Monster” Process is delivered as a FREE gift with the book “A Wonderful Day To Smile And To Dare” or at the link below:

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Click this link to get the “Draw Me A Monster process”

The “Draw Me A Monster” process can help in starting a discussion with your children about issues that are stopping them from happiness or success, and will guide you through the steps of disarming these issues with humor and art.

I hope that the book and the process will inspire and empower your kids to deal with their fears and anxieties instead of accepting them as a constant burden and feel powerless to resolve them.


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