Bosmat Libovsky

A mother, first and foremost.  It may be somewhat old-fashioned to say this in this day and age, but I feel more fulfilled by my children’s happiness than I ever had doing anything else. My children have been the main engine of my personal growth through the joys and challenges of parenting.

My professional career has flowered in the software industry. I started at R&D and moved on, taking position as senior manager and later as independent entrepreneur. The path of my professional career was not always full of roses, but it was always educating, even exhilarating at times and I was completely engrossed in it until my first child was born.

Having a child is a life changing event. Having another one, is… well, two life-changing events.  My life was suddenly filled with a whole new set of challenges, joys and experiences. Being a mother means being there fully committed to care for someone else. In the first couple of years I was still sure I can do everything – be a great mother and continue to work 24/7, and then I got wiser.

So now, first and foremost I am a mother. I am very involved in my children’s lives, they tell me about their hopes, secrets and fears, they share their challenges, successes and frustrations.

Usually I trust them to find their own way, at other times I know I have to teach them a new way, a new tool to use in their journey through life. My first book – “A Wonderful Day To Smile And To Dare” is an example of such tool, inspired by a process I have developed to help my kids to deal with fears and inhibiting thoughts.

Watching my children grow, learn and find their way in life – is the most beautiful, fulfilling project I was ever involved in.

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